Tulira Robuck Breeding Line

Tulira Robuck
Number: S0001041
Earl of Castlefrench
Number: S0000918
New Emperor
Number: S0000853
Mervyn Kingsmill
Number: S0000762
Cool Madam
Number: M0007877
Loch an Chumair
Number: M0008263
Ormond Oliver
Number: S0000653
Glasog na Tra Baine
Number: M0007826
 Tulira Heather
Number: M0004851
Carna Bobby
Number: S0000079
Number: S0000043
Carna Dolly
Number: M0000442
Glencaugh Star
Number: M0002686
Inver Rebel
Number: S0000093
Lor Lark
Number: M0001829


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